to the Potamianos museum of Waxen images

The Potamianos museum of waxen images presents its exhibits in Zoniana, Milopotamos.

This mountainous village is located in 630 metres altimeter in the north foot of the Psiloriti mountain, 43 kilometres away from Iraklion and 52 kilometres away from Rethymno.

Dionysis Potamianos

The Potamianos was born to Athens and with his wife created the wax dummies that they placed at the Museum. He loves the Crete island  and he wanted to teach the next generations the Crete history so, for this reason created the museum. The respectable artist has been working  endlessly for 25 years.

The Museum

The visitor has the change to see the waxen images of Theotokopoulos (El Greco), Kazantzakis, Vintzetzos Kornaros e.t.c.

We have many reports on the, mythology of the island with the images of Minoas, Theseus, Ariadnes, where the interest is focused on historical facts from Byzantium and Venetocracy to the holocaust of Arkadi and the interesting image of Eleftherios Venizelos.

This historical trip in combination with the natural beauty in all the seasons of the year and the hospitable spirit of the villagers, make the visit to Zoniana an unforgettable experience.   

Museum Opening Hours: Daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (on weekends too)


The village is known for its natural beauties  and for the Sfentoni cave, whitch is located at the beginning of the village, 600 metres after the cave, Zoniana village presents exhibits from Cretan history.

Potamianos museum presents 87 waxen images in 14 representations, in an area of 700 square metres.

Museum education

Traditionally museums are charitable institutions that exhibit objects depicting the site’s historical course, traditions, and customs. The main role of the museum is to study, collect and exhibit works, but also to familiarize the lessons with the past and history. The museum enhances learning and the student’s ability to learn and understand and simultaneously offers a form of experiential learning that has inspired the simplification of thinking and knowledge. The history of Crete, unfolds in the eyes of the visitor and comes to life in the contemporary present. The students are sure to remember the history of Crete and feel proud of their ancestors after the visit.

  • The excursion can be combined with a visit to the sfentoni cave, 1km from the museum, and with a visit to the traditional anogia.


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